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The Storied Sword (formerly known as Project Sword) is an action-platformer currently in development for the NES. It is a collaboration between Bite The Chili Productions and Raft Labs Interactive. Assume the mantle of the mysterious folk hero Candlemaster Cedric or the elusive Orchid of Mourning, and wall-jump your way through the trials this fast-paced, multi-scrolling platformer has to offer. Inspired by classics like Tecmo’s Ninja Gaiden and Sunsoft’s Batman, The Storied Sword is sure to raise the challenge level for NES Homebrew platformers and bring players the 8-bit twitch-combat style they know and love.

Programming/Design: Nathan Tolbert (Gauauu)

Graphics/Sound/Design: Jordan Davis (Raftronaut)

Auxiliary Illustration: Steve D'eau

Which version should you download?

Both ROMs are identical in gameplay. Try the GTROM version first. The UNROM512 version is provided for compatibility with older emulators or cheap clone systems, but has graphical artifacts that aren't present in the GTROM version.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Authorsgauauu, Raftronaut
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsNES (Nintendo Entertainment System), NES ROM, Pixel Art, Retro


The Storied Sword Demo NES ROM (gtrom) 512 kB
The Storied Sword Demo NES ROM (unrom512) 512 kB

Install instructions

This file is a NES ROM, which can be played on any NES Emulator (or can be flashed on a cartridge to be played on your actual NES hardware).  We recommend Mesen for use on Windows or Linux, or NES.EMU for Android.


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The Princess Bride

You said it out loud :-)

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My bad. Thanks for the comment and awesome game!

Like! I think is a great job... but ramps...


Finished the demo! Nice difficulty for a first level, but hope it ramps up slightly over the next ones. Great level design, keep it up!

Definitely ramping up the difficulty as we go. We wanted a nice reasonable first level to suck players in.

The wall jumping mechanic feel strange, probably should be faster and less frames of animation.

Love this! Really cool how the scrolling catches up to you as you go and the wall jumping is saweeeeeet. An absolute love letter to Ninja Gaiden and Batman! I'm only on the second area of the first level. Off to finish the demo 🙌